TERALINK™ Thermoplastic Components

Thermoplastic components cross-linked by electron beam irradiation

TERALINK™ T (Optical Components)


 ● High structural stability at temperatures above        melting point

 ● Higher strength at temperatures above Glass          Transition Temperature (TG)

 ● Improved resistance to wear and chemicals 


 ●  Lens for SMT-type LEDs

 ●  Lens package for optical connectors

 ●  Lens for VCSEL transceivers (under                         development)

TERALINK™ S (Mechanical Components)


 ● Improved resistance to wear and fatigue

 ● Improved productivity (injection moulding               applicable)

 ● Replaces gears made of POM, PEEK, Nylon or          metals

 ● Reduces noise, weight, size and cuts down cost


 ● Mechanical components

 ● Gears for industrial machines and commercial          products

 ● Low friction sliding parts

 ● Washers