Cable Labels

A range of mark-permanent, tie-on, printable cable labels using high-performance materials for a variety of requirements and safety critical applications.

Diesel Resistant (CLDR)

• Operating temperature -55°C to 135°C

• Diesel-resistant label ideal for mass transit applications 

• Designed to survive environments where wire and cable     identification is exposed to organic fluids and oils for           long periods at high temperatures

• Material tested to SNCF Specification NF F00-608

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Low Fire Hazard (CLHX)

• Operating temperature -40°C to 105°C

• Flame retardant material designed to survive                    environments such as rail/mass transit and aerospace

• Zero halogen, self-extinguishing product

• Material tested to EN45545 – 2 R22 (HL 1,2,3)

• Material tested to London Underground Standard S1085

• Material tested to SAE-AMS-DTL-23053/6 Class 1 

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High Durability (CLXI)

• Operating temperature -40°C to 80°C

Extremely strong with high tear strength properties

Suitable for a variety of applications where legible and      durable identification is required

Raw material is rated V-0 according to UL94 and is made     from a halogen free compound

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Military Specification (CLMS)

• Operating temperature -55°C to 135°C

Designed to survive environments such as aerospace        and military harnesses

High tear strength, flame retardant material with               excellent chemical and mechanical properties

Material tested to SAE-AMS-DTL-23053/6 Class 1

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High Temperature (CLHT)

• Operating temperature -55°C to 225°C

High temperature rated, flexible, highly flame retardant,     polyvinylidene fluoride printable cable markers 

Excellent chemical and mechanical properties with low       friction surface 

Suitable in applications where extreme temperatures         and exposure to harsh chemicals can be found

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