Raised Panel Labels

A range of mark-permanent, stick-on, printable panel labels using high-performance materials for a variety of requirements and safety critical applications.

Robust adhesive-backed panel labels (RPL)

  • Operating temperature -40°C to +150°C
  • Innovative, robust, adhesive-backed labels specifically designed to replace engraved and plotted plates
  • Excellent mark permanence, strong resistance to scratching, smearing, and rubbing
  • Glossy silicone-free topcoat for a smart and professional look
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Extended fire safety panel labels (RPX)

  • Operating temperature -55°C to +135°C
  • Ideal for rail, mass transit and underground applications where safety of human life is paramount
  • Low smoke, zero halogen, self-extinguishing 
  • London Underground approved, material tested to LUL S1085 
  • Material tested to requirements of EN45542 – 2 R22 (HL 1,2,3)
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