History of Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd (SEI) and SEI Interconnect Products (Europe) Ltd (SEPE)

1897 Opened the Sumitomo Copper Rolling Works. (The formation of the Company)

The House of Sumitomo acquired Nihon Seido Co., Ltd. for the purpose of entering the copper wire manufacturing sector. On April 1, 1897, the Sumitomo Copper Rolling Works was established to manufacture copper wires (bare wires), copper plates and copper rods.

1911 Established Sumitomo Electric Wire & Cable Works. (The foundation of the Company)

In the trends of increased demand for high-voltage lines due to hydroelectric power generation and expansion of telephone service networks, in order to expand business further in these areas, the electric wire business became independent of the Sumitomo Copper Rolling Works and formed a separate entity as Sumitomo Electric Wire & Cable Works. Manufactured and supplied the first Japan-made underground high-voltage (11,000 V) cables.


Incorporated Sumitomo Electric Wire & Cable Works as a limited company. (The establishment of the Company)


To gain world-class technology, Sumitomo Electric Wire & Cable Works entered into a technical tie-up with Western Electric (a US manufacturer of electric wires). With capital investment from Western Electric, Sumitomo Electric Wire & Cable Works was incorporated as a limited company.


Company name changed to Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd.


In the course of expanding its business to the fields outside electric wires, the Company's name was changed to Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd.

1941 Opened the Itami Works.
1961 Opened the Yokohama Works.
  Delivered the wiring harness for four-wheel vehicles for the first time in its history.
1962 Started production of IRRAX TUBE.
  IRRAX TUBE is a trade name of non-shrinking tubings made of polyethylene, PVC, and other materials and irradiated with electron beams. They have excellent resistance to heat, wear and flame. IRRAX TUBE is widely used for internal wiring of electronic appliances and computers.

The Head Office was moved from Osaka's Konohana Ward to the present address in Chuo Ward.

1969 Established its first overseas production facility (Siam Electric Industries Co., Ltd.)
  Started production of flexible printed circuits (FPCs).
1970 Started production of compound semiconductors.
  Sumitomo Electric focused attention on compound semiconductors' various outstanding features and started manufacturing them. Compound semiconductors are used in wide applications, including photoemitter elements for optical communications and ICs/FETs for mobile communication equipment like cellular phone and PHS, and are essential materials to support the information age. A large increase in future demand is expected. Sumitomo Electric will play a big role as the world's leading manufacturer of compound semiconductors.
1974 Started production of optical fiber cables.

Sumitomo Electric foresaw the arrival of the advanced information age and started production of optical fibers that ensure quick transmission of large amounts of data. Utilizing its fiber optic technology, Sumitomo Electric is now Japan's leading manufacturer that develops and manufactures various optoelectronic products, ranging from communication devices to optical LAN systems that use these devices. 

1988 Sumitomo Electric Europe SA (SEESA) is founded in the United Kingdom to promote SEI products in Europe
1997 The 100th anniversary of Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd.
  SEESA changes its name to Sumitomo Electric Europe Limited (SEEL) and is registered in the United Kingdom.  SEI Interconnect Products (UK) Ltd (SEUK) is established in Wales for the manufacture of flexible flat cabling.
1998 Developed and started marketing eco-friendly wires and cables.
  Ecologically-friendly wires and cables consist of materials that emit a minimal amount of dioxins and other harmful substances when burnt. Also included in the product line are cables made of less types of constituent material that features improved recyclability and allow easy fractional recovery.
1999 SEI Interconnect Products (Europe) Ltd (SEPE) is established combining the activities of SEEL and SEUK.
2000 SEPE KFT is established in Hungary and manufacture of flexible flat cabling moves there.
2012 Siegrist-Orel Limited (UK) and Heinrich Thulesius GmbH & Co KG (Germany) join the SEPE Group.
2015 Siegrist-Orel Ltd changes its name to become SEI Identification Solutions Ltd. (SEID).
2017 The 120th anniversary of Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd.
2018 Sales function transfers from SEID as Identification, Fine Polymer Sales in SEPE.