Philosophy and Mission


Although Sumitomo Electric Industries Ltd. was founded in 1897, the history of Sumitomo dates back to the seventeenth century and our founder, Masatomo Sumitomo (1585 – 1652).  His philosophy for conducting business still serves as the foundation of the “Sumitomo Spirit” and our business principles 400 years later:


Banji-nissei (Do your sincere best, not only in business, but also in every aspect of your life)


Shinyo-kakujitsu (Place importance on integrity and sound management)


Fusu-furi (No immoral business)



Sumitomo’s original copper business centred on the nanban-buki (foreign-style) refining technique that, at the time, was the leading edge of smelting technology.  Emphasis on using the newest technology and actively developing new technologies has been a driving force in the development of Sumitomo business from its very beginnings to the present day.  Sumitomo Electric‘s corporate mission in the 21st century is to serve society by applying technological innovation to the development of tomorrow's products and services.