Printable Heatshrink Sleeves

A range of mark-permanent printable heat-shrinkable sleeves using high-performance materials for a variety of requirements and safety critical applications from Aerospace and Rail/Mass Transit industries.


SUMITAG Printable Sleeve are available in scored ‘Ladder’ format for an organised, lean production environment and ‘Continuous’, spooled sleeving for economical and mass production identification. 


Standard scoring options are 50mm – no score, 25mm scored once or 12.5mm scored three times.


Please note, where part numbers shown below have (X) in them, this indicates they can be supplied in Continuous (spool), Single-Sided or Double-Sided formats. Example LFC, LFD, LFH or HPC, HPS, HPD. Final part number will adjust depending on format selection. 

Low Fire Hazard – LF(X)

   • Operating temperature -30°C to +105°C

   • Ideal where limited fire hazard properties are mandatory
   • Flame retardant, zero halogen, low smoke, low toxicity             radiation cross linked UV stabilized and printable polyolefin. 
   • Globally used for rolling stock and railway systems and             infrastructure projects.
   • Material tested to BS 6853
   • Material tested to EN45545-2

   • Save LFX Data Sheet

High Temperature – HT(X)

   • Operating temperature -55°C to +175°C

   • Specifically designed for cable marking in extreme                   environments
   • High temperature rated, flexible, highly flame retardant,           polyvinylidene fluoride 
   • Material tested to SAE-23053/18 Class 1
   • Material tested to UL224 VW-1 

   • Save HTX Data Sheet

Military Specification – MIL and HP(X)

   • Operating temperature -55°C to +135°C

   • High performance, military grade heatshrink cable markers.
   • Suitable for civil and military applications and                           environments.
   • Material tested to SAE-AS23053/5 Class 1/3
   • Material tested to UL 224 125C 600V VW-1

   • Save MIL 2:1 Data Sheet (Metric Shrink)

   • Save HP(X) 3:1 Data Sheet (Metric Shrink)

   • Save HPX 3:1 Data Sheet (Imperial White/Yellow Shrink)

Diesel Resistant – DR(X)

   • Operating temperature -55°C to +135°C

   • For mass transit, aerospace, marine and industrial                   installations
   • Radiation crosslinked UV stabilized and printable polyolefin
   • Material tested to SAE-AMS-DTL-23053/6 Class 1
   • Material tested to SNCF Specification NF F00-608

   • Save DRX Data Sheet

Chemical Resistant – HVT

   • Operating temperature -40°C to +200°C

   • Temperature and fluid resistant sleeve
   • Rubber based, flame retardant fluoro-elastomer heat-               shrinkable tubing
   • Material tested to SAE-AS23053/13

   • Save HVT Data Sheet

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