Printable Heatshrink Sleeves

A range of mark-permanent printable heat-shrinkable sleeves using high-performance materials for a variety of requirements and safety critical applications from Aerospace and Rail/Mass Transit industries.


SUMITAG™ Printable Sleeves are available in scored ‘Ladder’ format for an organised, lean production environment and ‘Continuous’, spooled sleeving for economical and mass production identification. 

Low Fire Hazard (LFX)

   • Ideal where limited fire hazard properties are mandatory
   • Flame retardant, zero halogen, low smoke, low toxicity             radiation cross linked UV stabilized and printable polyolefin. 
   • Globally used for rolling stock and railway systems and             infrastructure projects.
   • Material tested to BS 6853
   • Material tested to EN45545-2

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High Temperature (HTX)

   • Specifically designed for cable marking in extreme                   environments
   • High temperature rated, flexible, highly flame retardant,           polyvinylidene fluoride 
   • Material tested to SAE-23053/18 Class 1
   • Material tested to UL224 VW-1 

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Military Specification (MIL and HPX)

   • High performance, military grade heatshrink cable markers.
   • Suitable for civil and military applications and                           environments.
   • Material tested to SAE-AS23053/5 Class 1/3
   • Material tested to UL 224 125C 600V VW-1

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Diesel Resistant (DRX)

   • For mass transit, aerospace, marine and industrial                   installations
   • Radiation crosslinked UV stabilized and printable polyolefin
   • Material tested to SAE-AMS-DTL-23053/6 Class 1
   • Material tested to SNCF Specification NF F00-608

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Chemical Resistant (HVT)

   • Temperature and fluid resistant sleeve
   • Rubber based, flame retardant fluoroelastomer heat-               shrinkable tubing
   • Material tested to SAE-AS23053/13

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