Manufactured by our sister company, Sumiden Wire Products Corporation in Tennessee, USA, a leader in specialist stainless wires.  Our world-class ultra-smooth surface, bright finish, customer dedicated inventory programs, and consistent quality with no variation spool after spool are just a few of the reasons why medical device manufacturers choose Sumiden Wire as their dedicated supplier. Each product is completely customized to the needs of each customer.



• Alloys Offered: Sumiden Wire produces a variety of Stainless Steel grades for Medical applications,  including 302, 304, 316, 304V, 316LVM, and our proprietary 304SD Super Dolce.


• Surface Finish: We are currently producing an ultra-smooth, bright finish wire with the option to specify wire produced through Nano Dies, which impart not only the smoothest surface available in wire drawing today, but maintains diameter tolerances and ovality better than any other die drawing process.


• Diameter Range: 0.0018" (.0457mm) up to 0.029" (0.74mm).


• Tensile Range: Full range of tensile from fully annealed to ultra-high tensile material.


• Packaging: On spools to customers cast and helix specifications.  Additionally, perfected by our R&D staff in Itami, Japan, we now supply our highly anticipated ‘straight wire’ on spool in sizes below 0.007" (0.178 mm) and down to 0.0018" (0.0457 mm).


• Standards: Wires can be produced to EN, ASTM, JIS along with many other standards.



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