Sumitomo Electric at InnoTrans 2016

Together with partners in the Sumitomo Electric Group, SEI Interconnect Products (Europe) Ltd. will be exhibiting at InnoTrans 2016, the international trade fair for railway technology, on 20 – 23 September 2016 at Messe Berlin, Germany.  We offer a range of solutions for efficient and effective passenger mobility and safety.

Products and Applications


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SumiTube® heat-shrinkable and heat-resistant tubing

Cable sleeving in several grades to prevent cable damage


General in-vehicle wiring

SumiTube® STS solder termination sleeves

Strain relief, electrical insulation and mechanical protection of splices

General in-vehicle wiring

Low voltage electric wire

(Non-US and US market)

Thin, flexible, and lightweight wire superior in mechanical strength

General in-vehicle wiring

SumiTag™ computerized marking system

Cable markers, wire markers and panel markers to identify wires, cables and devices

Wire harnesses on rolling stock, signalling equipment and station infrastructure

SumiLabel™ label software for marking systems

Cable markers as SumiTag™ above

Wire harnesses on rolling stock, signalling equipment and station infrastructure

Aluminium welding wire

Wire contributing to body weight reduction

Welding of car bodies

Epoxy coated filled strand

(Prestressed concrete steel)

Steel cable to prevent concrete from cracking and reinforce the structure

Railway bridges and sleepers

SmART Cell™ tensile force sensor

Reinforcing cable to monitor girder strength

Bridge construction and maintenance

Contact wire

Copper wire to supply power to vehicles

Power supply

Power cable

Copper conductor cable from low to high voltage

Power/signal transmission in and out of the station

Air spring

Spring to absorb vibration using air pressure

Train bogies

Cutting tools for railway parts

Wide variety of face milling, turning, and drilling tools for rough to finish machining

Train bogies, wheels and other railroad car parts

Mg-SiC heatspreader


Magnesium Silicon Carbide power module and heat sink

Power module


Location and Co-Exhibitors


Visit Sumitomo Electric at Hall 10.1 Stand 201 on Tuesday 20 – Friday 23 September 2016.  Sumitomo Electric Group co-exhibitors at the booth are:

Please contact us to arrange a meeting, through either the Innotrans team in Japan, or our teams in Europe, SEID and SEPE.


We look forward to seeing you in Berlin! 

8 August 2016/CP