Sumitomo Electric at Singapore Airshow 2016

Together with partners in the Sumitomo Electric Group, SEI Identifications Solutions Ltd will be exhibiting

at the Singapore Airshow 2016 from 16 – 21 February 2016 at Chiangi Exhibition Centre, Singapore. The

Sumitomo Electric Group offers a range of products, which work in harmony in aerospace applications.


 Products and Applications 



Properties & Applications


Heat-shrinkable and heat-resistant tubing

Cable sleeving in several grades to withstand the harsh conditions in aerospace

·         Zero halogen

·         Low fire hazard

·         Diesel resistant

·         High temperature

·         Chemical resistant

SumiTube® STS

Solder Termination Sleeves

·         Shield termination

·         Wire to wire splice

·         Wire to pin/post/tab

·         Coaxial and triaxial termination

·         PCB terminator

SumiTag™ &  SumiLabel™

Computerized marking system and label software

·         Printable SumiTube® sleeves

·         Tie-on labels

·         Adhesive labels

·         Raised panel labels

·         Wraparound labels

·         Speciality labels

·         Label software and printers


Electrical wire and cable

·         Lightweight avionics wiring

·         Reduced diameter satellite cables

·         Fly-By-Wire flight control cables

·         Non-halogenated jacketed cables for in-flight communication and entertainment


Machining tools and materials

·         Cutting tools

·         Machining tools

·         Hardmetal tool inserts


Porous metal

·         Lightweight structural materials

·         Heatsink

·         Heat exchanger


Location and Co-Exhibitors

Visit Sumitomo Electric at Booth K94 on Tuesday 16 – Sunday 21 February 2016. 

Sumitomo Electric Group companies represented at the stand are:

We look forward to seeing you in Singapore!  If you are interested in more information or

arranging a meeting, please contact our European team or any of the above group companies.


20 January 2016/CP